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Poolside Photography with Liza Mahler

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Liza Mahler Photography © Pictured: Jessica Welter

Hello, water loving folk! Okay, okay - I can see the look of disdain on your collective faces already. Let's face it - we only have two short weeks of  summer left here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, and the last thing you want to do is spend any of it by the same pool you were at all summer. I suspect that you would rather be swimming and cliff jumping into an alpine lake in the Cascades, or just out chasing a waterfall. Back to our pool though, the beauty of the pool is that the pools are alike anywhere you go around the world, more or less, so the portraits taken in and by the pools are truly timeless, and what they really say is "HELLO SUMMER" and we all love summer! When I shared a few poolside photos I took in our small town of Bellingham's tiny pool, I was told they looked like they were taken in Bahamas

Liza Mahler Photography © Pictured: Jessica Welter

In addition to my usual photography I am an underwater portrait photographer as well, poolside portraits were just something extra for my underwater sessions at first, but have grown to be sessions of their own. You talked and I listened - we, women, don't look forward to getting in the pool in our swimsuits, but pretty much every woman out there loves stepping into the pool in a pretty dress and watching the fabric of her dress moved by the water. It's just like being on land, but a lot more romantic and poetic, and they take only 15-30 minutes to shoot.

Liza Mahler Photography © Pictured: Caitie Nicole Dodge

Every summer has a story, what's yours?

Liza Mahler Photography © Pictured: Elleigh Smith

A pool is for swimming and dreaming

Liza Mahler Photography © Pictured: Caitie Nicole Dodge

Life is simple. Just add water and smile :)

If you were to take poolside photos, would you do them alone, with family or with friends?

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